Tagged by the bartender

Hey all, I have been so busy impersonating Jason Davis at the Kennedy Conference that I completely neglected to do my six random things about myself tag post. Ms. Sharyn Lauby tagged me and I must say I am honored (read more about bartending goodness here).

So the deal is, I have to say six things about me, tag six people and link this back to the person who tagged me. Le sigh. As you all know, I just HATE talking about myself (insert evil grin):

1) My head was so large that as a child, I could not fit my arms around it. My mother told me I had a big brain.

2) I love swimming in the pool and in the ocean. I HATE lakes.

3) My husband and I met at Chili’s restaurant.

4) I rarely get things stuck in my teeth.

5) I love red nail polish but cannot wear it because it clashes with my skin.

6) My signature dish is pot roast served on a bed of chipolte sweet potatoes.

7) I frequently forget how many things I am to post about myself in this tag game.

People I am tagging:

Kari Quaas
Susan Burns
Josh Kahn
Lance Haun
Molly Sly
Gordon Lokenberg

The end.

5 thoughts on “Tagged by the bartender

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  2. Since I’ve been tagged by Maren and don’t have my blog up yet, long story – but soon…very soon, I’ll share my sorted details here and also celebrate Maren’s blog:

    1. I’m a passionate talent strategist on the edge

    2. I hiked 100 miles through the Patagonia wilderness

    3. I love Twitter and think of it as an evolving e-learning and collaboration tool

    4. I’m addicted to heated, power vinyassa yoga and travel frequently to Mexico for week-long bootcamps to immerse myself in the practice

    5. I hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

    6. I love solving problems and connecting people who have problems and solutions

    7. My next big hiking trip will be to Bhutan – hopefully in 2009

    Lets see – who to tag –

    Ok, your it:

    Jason Davis – @recruitingblogs
    Kevin Wheeler – @kwheeler
    Michael Marlatt – @michaelmarlatt
    William Uranga – @williamu
    Joel Cheesman – @cheezhead
    Suzy Tonini – @infosourcer

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