Consistency and Follow-Through: The two most underrated skills in business

I just got back from Vegas. I was there for the Kennedy Recruiting Conference, a girls week (I have loads of sisters) and to film an episode of Galavanting. Yeah, that’s a lot for four days right? So it might seem a bit odd to talk about consistency and follow-through after leaving a city where marriages can start (and end) in the blink of an eye.

But I am. See during this trip, my BlackBerry broke, my MacBook cord disappeared and I was more tired that I remember being in a long time. There were several times during the trip that I wanted to cancel all my PR meetings, skip out on the networking sessions at Kennedy or tell the girls to head to the pool without me, I was going to nap. But I simply couldn’t. Why? Because it’s not consistent with who I am or who I want to be in business.

That’s not to say I never screw up. Twice during the conference, I was late with an assignment and when I missed my flight and subsequent layover in Phoenix, I missed out on some face time with another client. So screwing-up is totally allowed in my world. Giving up is not. Here’s why:

Networking is sh*t if you don’t follow up. I have so many business cards, I could paper a room with clever cards designed to “stand out” from the crowd and make me just utterly compelled to call you. But they mean no more to me than the cards that are printed on someone’s home printer or have the little free vistaprint moniker stamped on the back (first off because if they have cards like that, they probably need my help, but I digress). In fact, none of the cards mean anything. It’s the action you take after exchanging the card. Whether you followup on a conversation via email, phone, twitter, or facebook…follow UP! It’s that extra step that so few take that separate the folks who walk away from conferences hung over and with a bag of free stuff and the people who walk away with at least two new projects/clients.

Branding is cr@p without consistency: You might find this odd coming from a woman who on any given day finds herself in the marketing, travel, recruiting, advertising, sponsor/conference, vendor, printing, design, fashion, finance and culinary worlds. But it’s true. So great, I brand myself as a completely adaptable marketing maven, at least I hope I do. Yeah there are times when I am more focused on pumping a Galavanting property than I am showcasing a new feature or highlighting a new feature at an investment company. But people know I’m there and I’m working….on something. Tired after a long holiday weekend? You better believe it! Too tired to write a blog post before tackling a seemingly insurmountable pile of tasks on my desk? Never. Whether you post once a month, once a week or once a day, show UP! Be consistent. Let folks know what to expect and then deliver.

You’ve all heard the cliche about the match that burns brightly and then sputters? The social media marketing field is filled with spent matches. Stay consistent and follow through and you will not be one of them.

3 thoughts on “Consistency and Follow-Through: The two most underrated skills in business

  1. When we are designing marketing collateral for clients we always tell them to use phrasing on the pieces that they also use in their sales presentations and other collateral if it exists. Consistent use of branding over and over and over and over sells widgets!

    The Business Card Guy

  2. Hi Maren,

    Love your blog. Insightful, funny and blunt. My favorite blend.

    You are right on about “showing up”. Since blogging more consistently, I see my stats and subscribers rising. I think for a while I figured it didn’t matter if I blogged or now, but I’ve seen a noticeable difference since being more consistent.

    Thanks for the reminder! :)


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