In your words…#TBEX ’10

When over 300 Travel Bloggers, Writers and PR Pros left the Cantor Film Center in NYC on June 27, there were many feelings. Speechless was not one of them. Here, in your own words, some nuggets of wisdom from this year, suggestions for next year, travel tips and marketing takeaways…THIS was TBEX ’10:

Mariellen Ward discusses heroes and Meeting the Mahatma in New York City.

Trish Miller discusses the “Best of” and “Funniest Moments” in her TBEX ’10 Recap

The Art of Backpacking gives us the Top 10 Things TBEX-ers love besides TBEX Part 1 AND Part 2

Margo Millure of the Travel Belles tells us why large purses are all the rage at TBEX

The Mother of All Trips explains how TBEX can inspire Future Nomads

The EuroCheapo PhotoEssay provides snaps from the party

The Vacation Gals give their takeaways on the weekend conference.

Travelojos provides us with not one but two great “Things I learned from TBEX” posts

Matador weighs in on the popular Community Keynote

Speaking of the Community Keynote, Pam Mandel of Nerd’s Eye View provides links for that very thing!

First and foremost, travel bloggers like to party. Check out this post by Scene by Laurie

No wifi and lack of clarity but definitely a friendly bunch. Read BearShapedSphere’s post here.

Chris Around the World explains how we’re “busting up paradigms”

A livestream of the Sunday Sessions

And then there’s the Twitter Buzz

Did I miss yours? Send it to me at OR add it to the comments of this post!

3 thoughts on “In your words…#TBEX ’10

  1. Hey Maren,

    Now THAT’s transparency. Just a little more winnowing down of ideas and pushing for clarity is all I was saying. Thanks for listening to what we have to say. To TBEX ’11 and beyond! Thanks for making it happen!

    Eileen (bearshapedsphere)

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