A year of poorly worded, inconsistent posts. YAY ME!

ChangeIf there has been a theme to marenated this year, it’s that there is no theme. I spent half the year in HR and Recruiting and the other half of the year building a travel community and TV show (a change I communicated SO ineffectively that many of my friends still think I am a travel agent). I spent the final month of the year, pulling back from a breakneck speed, cutting back on travel and hanging out with the most important people in my life, my family (they are vast and wonderful and dot the globe like a strong but contained virus).

So on this last day of 2010, I have very little idea what to write about. I could finish one of the 117 drafts in my unpublished posts section (but that seems like cheating). I could write out where I’m speaking or appearing next year but that seems like bragging and it’s a pretty small list at this point anyway. I could predict the future of travel trends and what I see coming down the road past the oft blogged about consumer travel sector but marenated has never really been about travel at its heart. I could discuss my job search and commitment to the HR and Recruiting space, a move that until now, I’ve been unable to make publicly (because I think people care and they so don’t). I could put together a scarily accurate, mind-blowingly intellectual piece on the industry of HR and where I see marketing’s place therein, but it’s New Year’s Eve and I don’t want to do any of the aforementioned things.

6 Things I did not appreciate in 2010:

1) barefoot running shoes

2) Willow Smith’s singing career

3) ummmm the BP spill SUCKED

4) poor Google Wave

6) That thing iTunes did with the Beatles. Really?

Things that ruled in 2010

1) The iPhone 4. It was my first departure from a Blackberry and although it has its issues, like a gorgeous philandering boyfriend, I just can’t let the beautiful thing go.

2) Facebook kicked Google’s booty. I actually like Google but as a “social person” I appreciate that a platform based on the way we interact with each other is gaining ground fast

3) Netflix. Oh how I love this perfect for me, cheap as a burrito entertainment solution for my entire family. MWAH!

4) Finally, the world embraced tights and boots to the extent I have and always will.

5) Brazilian. Blowout.

6) Faith. Faith to jump. Faith to be wrong. Faith to change course. Faith to admit I was wrong.

7) Groupon. LOVES it

I think I will spend the rest of the day making lists. Lists of people, things and resolutions I know I will keep and many I know that I certainly won’t (yoga anyone?). Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “A year of poorly worded, inconsistent posts. YAY ME!

  1. Love your list and your inconsistent posting and you…here is my lists appropriate to you.

    6 Things I did not appreciate in 2010

    1. Not knowing how to turn on a bathroom light for 3 days
    2. You leaving me ALONE in the hr/recruiting world to fend for myself with all the grown ups
    3. Those horrid barefoot running shoes
    4. Getting hit by a tornado on my cross country drive alone with children.
    5. Being sick while in Vegas.
    6. Eat. Love. Pray the movie

    6 Things I loved in 2010

    1. :) no comment…
    2. Realizing that you were always there to have my back no matter how stupid I was. AND WOW did I turn up the dumb moves this year.
    3. Highlights
    4. You introducing me to boots & leggings. I now own 4 pair of boots in an assortment of colors. But still only love black leggings.
    5. Jeggings. Not the cheap pajama type ones, the more expensive stretchy jean material ones
    6. That I giggle every time you tell me you got a brazilian…blowout. hahahahhaha

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