Careless Whisper or Every Child Deserves to Eat

It’s so easy to fall into gossip. To let a friend’s secret “slip”. It’s so easy to talk about the myriad of issues at work, at home, with our extended family. It’s easy to let a careless whisper fly. I know I’ve done it and if you haven’t…well stop reading because we can’t be friends.

Why is it so easy for secrets to spread far and wide and for good news, worthy news to sit stubbornly in one place? Why do we ALL know how much Kim Kardashian spent on her wedding and don’t know that ore than 17 million kids in America are at risk of hunger. That’s nearly 1 in 4.

Why are we totally aware of the latest Weiner scandal but have no idea that 15.5 million kids in America live in poverty?

Amanda Hite is not a woman you ignore. Not because she shouts or shames or insists you become involved, but because she is full of life and love and pure passion to change the world around her. So when she calls, I listen.

That’s part of why I am doing this. Now, I could get all hot and bothered and say:

– I served in Albanian orphanages and took care of sick and hungry children, the least you can do is give

– Not giving is the same as passing a hungry child in the street and doing nothing

– I used to BE on food stamps and I know more about the program than you ever could

– I live in an area where kids flock to my front porch and I don’t think it’s for my company so much as the free apples and pretzels.

– I have three boys who eat me out of house and home. The end.

But I’m not gonna say any of those things (okay continuity Nazis, I just did) but all I really need to say is:

-Every child deserves to eat.

I mean that. Every single one. I cannot imagine a worse pain, as a mother, or as a human being, than watching a child go hungry, or worse, starve. Now you can kick and scream and talk about the government, their parents, the economic impact but underneath it all, is still, a child going hungry.

– Every child deserves to eat.

I know, I know. I’m not as good a person as Amanda. She would never shame you into this. She would never twist your arm.

But I will.

– Every child deserves to eat.

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