Who STANDS like this?

Are you serious?

After some advice from a good friend to buy some grown up stuff at Victoria’s Secret, I attempted to navigate the site. Now, I am not entirely unaware of VS, my mom got the catalogs when I was growing up and I frequently plan my trips through the mall so that I don’t have to explain why that 20 ft tall woman isn’t wearing any clothes to my boys thank you very much. I get it. Sex. Got it.

But I’m not sure that’s the most realistic viewpoint of underwear. I mean, it’s UNDERWEAR. Which brings me to my point. In the last few months, I think starting with Mary Ellen Slayter and Charlie Judy’s session at HREvolution in Atlanta there has been an effort at unconferences to try and solve a real-life problem. (It happened again to lively debate and a real solution for NPR’s Lars Schmidt at the most recent HRevolution session, spearheaded by Matt Charney, Meghan Biro and Kevin Grossman). And coming from a marketer’s perspective, I love it.

I am all about the consultative approach, so the fact that I like to talk to people, get a feel for their needs and concerns is no surprise, but what makes me even more attracted to the “solve a real problem” approach is that it quietly and happily acknowledges that we’re not all “on the bleeding edge” nor do we want to be. Jessica Lee approached this well here. There are thousands of HR pros out there who do not fit into your ‘user roles’ or ‘case studies’. They have ACTUAL issues to solve in their everyday workplace that may or may not be addressed by your solution!

Shocking. I know.

Which brings me back around to Vicky here. No one stands like this. No one ever will. Are you positioning your product in an awkward, akimbo stance that bears no resemblance to real-life just to make it look good?

Just curious.

5 thoughts on “Who STANDS like this?

  1. Maybe she’s not standing. You can take this picture out from the catalog or any picture for that matter, and place it on a wall of a gallery. There it could be interpreted in many ways. Maybe the subject has an ache in her calf and she’s bending over, maybe she’s addressing her husband to take a look at her backside for any stains, maybe the girl in this article has seen her family/lover in a distance and got tired from flaying her arms about to catch their attention that she got tired and rested her arms ontop her head.

    Yes, they are not works of art. but they are alive for one purpose: to sell panties.

    The photographers attempt to capture beauty and sell seduction would be lost if the subject simply stood erect with no purpose but to be examined – for most of the populace real life seems to be boring and romanticizing ads fill the void for the consumer.

  2. i’ve said for a long time that there is a tremendous disconnect between the lofty idealism of leading-edge HR thinking that often comes from consultants/vendors and the very down-to-earth pragmatism of what happens on the ground in the trenches every day. realizing and acknowledging that disconnect is extremely important. but as a trusted adviser (joe gerstandt) once called me out on (in front of 1,000s), “realistic is over-rated.” said differently, we shouldn’t stop the lofty-think…it keeps us moving in the right direction even if it isn’t always plausible.

    thanks for not only pointing this out, but also giving us the opportunity to consider your perusing VS for “grown up stuff.”

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