Confused about SOPA?

I was. Until I took the time to stop and read a little about it. Trust me you are not that busy. So, yes you do have to inform yourself dutiful citizen and yes, you do have to try to enact change with your very own fingers from your very own smartphone with the very precious minutes of your day. If this sounds condescending I apologize, I am mostly talking to myself.

So if you’re stressed out about it, and perhaps you aren’t puttering around on Facebook or Twitter to see all these great defining articles, here is a quick roundup that I hope will make sense and force you to take action.

This article Why SOPA is Dangerous on Mashable breaks down what the law is intrinsically about (copyright infringement) and how quickly and scarily your life could change if it’s enacted.

Here’s an easy place to get the demographics on what and WHO the proposed bills would affect and a quick and easy way to sign!!

If you are like me, you might need something funny to persuade you. I give you, The Day The LOLcats died.

Until today there was a great infographic here but now it has a handy and easy way for you to go dark.

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