Knowledge Economy Felled By Head Cold

That could be the headline someday. Okay perhaps I am giving myself too much credit, but this past Labor Day weekend I spent the entire time in bed, on the couch or in my giant leather recliner. In short, I was sick. Allergies morphed into a minor cold which then turned into a major one. Faced with the prospect of three long days off of work, I figured I would get a lot of work done.

Boy was I wrong…

For some reason, I could not make my thick head DO anything. I couldn’t write copy. I couldn’t map strategy. I couldn’t take complex B2B subjects and make them simple. Heck, I couldn’t understand the subjects myself. My head was too foggy to do knowledge work.

I was able to do administrative work, billing, list cleaning and administration. All that good stuff. But the real revenue producing, client deliverable, knock em out of the park stuff? No dice.

So is it really that easy to knock me out of the ring? And if we’re moving toward a knowledge economy, does that mean the entire thing can be felled by something as simple as a head cold? When I made glasses, I could do my job fine with the sniffles. When I did data entry for the railroad, I could handle my work no matter what. And when I started writing for business publications, I could handle an interview with a baby in one hand and a pen in the other.

But I’m not sure I could have when I first started. Every job has a learning curve and what I’m doing now seems to have several in tandem (often the case with multiple clients and projects). I wonder if I am just in the learning portion of this work or if eventually it will all be rote, automatic tasks I can do with my eyes closed, so to speak. I hope not. But I don’t really know. So instead of an answer I will give you a list of things I need when I am sick.

Things Maren Needs When She Is Sick:

  • Sudafed (only in the morning)
  • one half of a Tylenol PM at night
  • LOTS of tissue
  • LOTS of sugar free lemonade
  • Vaseline
  • My blanket
  • Chicken Noodle Soup with extra salt and pepper
  • Burn Notice

Now you know…
photo credit: ~Oryctes~ via photo pin cc

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