The John Corbett of HR Marketing

As you might know, I recently got back from both HR Technology and The Recruiting Conference (in Chicago and Las Vegas respectively). Many of my colleagues not only attended both of those but are still on the road in London and Amsterdam, attending even more events. I’m envious of their pictures but sort of happy to be in sweatpants if you catch my drift.

We’re bringing some staff on here at Red Branch and making a few changes, which is very exciting. But as I spoke with someone about the future of my little firm, I realized something. I have absolutely NO desire to be a mogul or a guru. I don’t want to run a multi-million dollar service business and I’m definitely not interested in managing people.

For whatever reason, some people just can’t understand that. It sounds like I’m lazy or not focused (two semi-adequate points) or just not ambitious. None of those are actually the reason though. I simply don’t want it. I don’t think I’d enjoy it and right now I enjoy my life.

You know who really seems to get this? That John Corbett guy. Remember from Northern Exposure and My Big Fat Greek Wedding and  The United States of Tara and the Applebee’s commercials? He had some fame and was quite the hot commodity for a while, but he did the work he wanted and passed on the stuff he didn’t and I bet that Applebee’s check never bounces. The tabloids don’t bother him and if he has kids I bet they see him a lot. He was in Sex and the City, so he was relevant….recently. You might recognize his name or you might not. John Corbett doesn’t really care.

I mean, I assume he doesn’t. We’re not besties or anything. He used to work in a steel factory. Does that need italics? A steel factory. That’s work. That’s hard. This acting thing? Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy.

I have said it before but there’s a need to keep saying it. I want to do good work for good people who have good products. And I also want to take the month of December OFF.

2 thoughts on “The John Corbett of HR Marketing

  1. Worked in a steel mill. Served in the Army. Agree with your decision. If you do not want the headache of “success” and corporate celebrity, it is a good call. Since life is really all about the struggle(s), then you have to choose the ones that feed you, love you, enjoy you, and challenge you. (Leaving your talent on the table is a waste also.)

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