I used to have an about page that told you all about what I did. Well that was three years ago when I started this mother and lemme tell you, some things have got to change round here! So in the spirit of good change, here is what you need to know about me.



If you’re here, I am guessing you are somewhat interested in what I have to say and maybe, just maybe, you’re wondering what a thirtysomething (currently based in Omaha, Nebraska) has to say about marketing and the following subjects:





boots/cereal (you should really stick to my twitter stream for this because, I don’t THINK I’ve ever written a post about cereal OR boots)

When I was 5 I wanted to be Miss America. By the time I was 10 I realized that that wouldn’t work out and I should become a scientist. When I was 15 I dropped out of high school completely and stayed dropped out until I enrolled in college to make my mom stop bugging me. I wanted to be a writer but I had two children to support, so I decided a Communications degree was better than a major in Fine Arts. Turns out, I was right.

Fast forward through Journalism Internships, several PR stints for non-profits, and a shwanky marketing job for an investment firm and I found myself sitting pretty as a managing partner in a recruiting firm. Recruiting? Yep, my husband Jeremy (who is awesome, who adores me beyond all measurable reason and has an eight pack that would cut YOUR EYES out) and his father had started a recruiting firm, and I was to market it. In the middle of a recession. From our basement.

So I got busy looking busy. I learned how to blog, tweet, network my face off, all in the vain hopes that I wouldn’t have to pick up the phone. End result? Few sales for the little recruiting firm that couldn’t and LOTS of social media experience when not that many people were using it for business. At least ’round these parts.

Before long, I was using my experience in brick and mortar PR and Marketing and adding these new fancy social media tricks to the fire. People were astonished and amazed: She writes! She speaks! She tweets! She can do spreadsheets! What else? A consultancy was born.

I had some great clients and eventually accepted a full-time position at RecruitingBlogs.com, where I learned a great deal about managing a community and that’s all I have to say about that.

When I was fired from RBC, it was finally time for me to practice what I preach. For two years, I’d been telling job seekers to get out there and network, to build a social presence and blog about what they knew best. And now that was all on the line. Granted, NO ONE cared or was watching, but I felt a little nervous, what with having three children and all.

I had a new job in 8 hours flat.

So now this blog that started as Big O Recruiting, morphed into Marenated, a recruiting blog, and is now again, changing into whatever the heck I want it to be. It’s not about my freelance clients, or my current full-time job. As the name implies, it’s about me.

ME: Maren Hogan is a marketing professional that combines over a decade of experience in Public Relations, Marketing Strategy and Corporate Communications with Social Media Savvy (she also pointlessly capitalizes things to make them seem more important). She is a mom (three gorgeous boys who keep me very busy), a wife, a cook, a dancer, a singer, a shopper, a traveler, a sister, a daughter and a kickboxer (just kidding, but I think I really could be if my life was threatened).

That’s me. Enjoy Marenated.

Wanna talk? email me at marenhogan@gmail.com

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